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During our 50 years of successful trajectory, we have been constantly incorporating to our plant modern machinery and technology that is at the forefront of its kind. This has helped us over the years to offer our clients the most innovative products of very high quality.

We trust Italian (Plastiblow) and Austrian (Engel) machinery, due to their high precision when manufacturing different types of containers. Moreover, these companies that provide us with their machinery are undoubtedly worldwide leaders in their kind. This election of the best machinery puts us on the same level as many leading plastic industries around the world.

Among our various blow molding machines we have some that have the option to blow bi-layer bottles, in order to achieve decoration, soft touch or high gloss effects.

Six years ago we incorporated to our plant a coextrusion 4-layer blow molding machine, the only one of its kind in Peru, with a Mueller head, which enables us to be one step ahead of other plastic companies with this unique technology. This machine is basically used for bottles for the agrochemical industry, but also for food and cosmetic packaging that need barrier. Coextrusion technology is used to combine different materials under one parison. The materials are fused with a special adhesive.